• Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20150130
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 50'
  • Showtime : Fri 21:50 | Re-run: Fri 16:10 | Sun 23:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)


A former North Korean spy Hyerim becomes an ordinary housewife in Seoul. One day, a crushing mission is given to her from North; It is to win his son Seonu over, who works for NIS(National Intelligence Service). Now, she has no choice but to gamble risking her life to protect her family. In this new family & spy thriller genre drama "SPY," mother's love who is ready to die for his son, the reality of Korea's continued division, and people's awareness against it mixed well to satisfy viewers in their 20's to 40's.


Kim Seonu (cast Kim JaeJoong)

Hyerim's son, who has a strong emotional bond with his mother. He used to work as a national intelligence agent, but after a horrific accident while on duty in China, he transferred to Inter-Korea Information Analysis Unit. Seonu is an excellent agent not only with high intelligence, but also with a keen observation and insight. Now, he tries to capture Gicheol who took away his colleague's life.

Park Hyerim (cast Bae JongOk)

A former North Korean spy. While on duty in China, Hyerim fell in love with her target USeok and had a child. Leaving no trace of her, she came to South Korea with WooSeok and became an ordinary housewife for 27 years. Hyerim is a typical son's mummy who dearly loves her son.

Hwang Gicheol (cast Yoo OhSeong)

A North Korean spy from Foreign Ministry of Labour Party. Hyerim used to work for him. Gicheol had feelings for her, but he almost died because of the explosion which Hyerim arranged. Gicheol knows Hyerim is still alive in South Korea living with USeok, but he never tells anyone about her for his own revenge.

Behind the Scenes

Seonu makes plans to capture Hwang Gicheol [Spy]
Seonu makes plans to capture both Hwang Gicheol and Song Junghyeok. He had always planned to save the hard disk and Hyerim at whatever cost but he ends up getting shot and losing both. The comm...
Gicheol tells Seonu to crack the passcode [Spy]
Gicheol tells Seonu to crack the passcode with his father in order to save Hyerim. Seonu is short on time as it is and Jonghyeok even kidnaps his sister to make things worse. Seonu cracks the h...
Seonu starts to investigate the truth [Spy]
Hyerim and Gicheol are seen by Seonu without their knowing. He realizes that everyone's been tricking him and gets thrown in shock. A new player, Taesik, has come from the North to keep an eye...



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