House of Bluebird

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20150307
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : '
  • Showtime : Sat-Sun 19:50 | Re-run: Sun-Mon 04:50 | Tue-Wed 01:30 | Sat 10:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Sometimes people must undergo hardships, but they eventually get over them. This growth and youth drama also features extended meaning of family and the true essence of happiness.


Kim Jiwan (cast Lee JunHyeok)

Kim Jiwan is a determined person and also has a drive when working. Jiwan doesn't express his feelings, but he is a considerate and warmhearted guy. He is extremely devoted to his grandmother, step sister Eunsu and his step mother Seonhui. After completing his military service, he struggles to get a job. Hyeondo and Jiwan used to be close, but their different circumstances made them grow away. As he knows Hyeondo's relationship history, he gets anxious when Hyeondo gets interested in Eunsu. In the end, Jiwan gets into Nuga Global with Hyeondo where Hyeondo’s father runs.

Han Eunsu (cast Chae Soobin)

Jiwan's step sister. Eunsu has a lovely smile and believes the power of optimism. She thinks she is lucky to have her family even if her father passed away. Jiwan is like a father to her who always takes care of her. After graduating from college, she fails to get a job and works as a part timer. She starts to have feelings for Hyeondo who intentionally approached her because of Jiwan. She believes Jiwan will support her, but she gets upset because Jiwan distrusts Hyeondo.

Jang Hyeondo (cast Lee Sangyeob)

Taesu's eldest son and a successor of Nuga Global. Against Taesu's will, Hyeondo sings in an unknown band. He didn't want to sing, but joined the band because of inferiority complex to Jiwan. He changes his mind to enter his father's company because of Jiwan. Hyeondo finds holding a prominent position by working at his father's company is not that bad idea. Then, he meets Eunsu. He knew about Jiwan's step sister when he was child. Now they are all grown-ups and he feels drawn to Eunsu because he wants to beat Jiwan by being more important person to Eunsu.

Kang YoungJu (cast Kyung Sujin)

Eunsu's best friend. Having been brainwashed by her mother Minja, "A secure job will determine your happiness," she enters into College of Education and becomes a teacher. She believes only happy moments are waiting her. However, Youngju is less than happy even if she has constant blind dates, teaches children or has steady incomes. Finally, she decides to choose whichever way she wishes against her parents.

Behind the Scenes

Taesu is shocked to see how much Hyeondo has changed [House of Bluebird]
Jiwan finds out it wasn’t only his family’s money Taesu stole. Director Lee comes back to Korea and meets Jiwan, and when Taesu finds out about that, he contacts Jiwan. Taesu is sho...
Eunsu to find out Jeongae is her mother [House of Bluebird]
Taesu meets Eunsu and reveals Jeongae is her biological mother. After finding out the truth, Eunsu is totally shocked. Eunsu, who recently has broken up with Hyeondo feels...
Hyeondo decides to break up wit Eunsu [House of Bluebird]
After breaking up with Eunsu, Hyeondo tosses the voice recorder into the river in front of Jiwan. Jiwan meets Jeongae and asks her to give a statement about Taesu’s past at a press conferenc...



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