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  • Showtime : Tue-Fri 00:20 | Re-run: Sun 05:00, Mon 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Park Jisang is a surgeon, so he deals with blood, but he is also a vampire who thirsts for blood. Also, various types of blood appear in this drama. Cold blood has been living under a curse; Evil blood tries to destroy humans for its sake; and hot blood loves a woman and fights for human. This drama is about a vampire surgeon who treats patients and struggles for justice and the value of human life.


Park JiSang (cast Ahn JaeHyun)

A surgeon and also a vampire.

To be precise, he is a VBT-01 virus infectee. He seems to have no weakness except for his thirst for blood. His extraordinary self-healing power and physical performance go beyond human being. Besides, JiSang is a perfect surgeon with the beauty, brains, money, and charisma.

He exists only for his goals, to live as a human even just for a day. He fights alone day by day to reach his goal. And one day, director Lee JaeWook shows up and JiSang faces a serious crisis.

Yoo RiTa (cast Ku HyeSun)

A nephew of president Yoo of Taemin Group. A surgeon at Taemin Cancer Center.

Cheerful and bright woman. At the same time, she uses rough words anywhere, at any time. Also, Rita is as stubborn as a mule; She never changes her decision.

When it comes to work, Yoo Rita is very thorough in what she does. Yet, she becomes a lovely woman, sometimes.

Also, she still values the memory of childhood when a boy helped her. Finally, she reunites with the boy.

Lee JaeWook (cast Ji JinHee)

A good-looking, intelligent, skillful director at Taemin Cancer Center.
His calm voice, sense of humour, and charisma attract people around him.

However, it's just not who he really is. He is a vampire, a cruel evil who has no sympathy or conscience in the name of good cause.

"Freedom and equality from the disease."
Regardless of age, status, or economic power..
This is what Jaewook's good cause.
Now, he works hard for his good cause and threats JiSang.

Behind the Scenes

Rita is in shock after Chairman Yoo's death [Blood]
Rita is in shock after Chairman Yoo's death, and Gyeongin finally shows her true colors. Jisang senses another danger approaching, and confronts Gayeon. While working with VTH-16 to search for...
Jaeuk uses the patients of 21A as a tool to threaten Jisang [Blood]
Jaeuk uses the patients of 21A as a tool to threaten Jisang. Jisang, Rita and Chief Jeong struggle with what to do. In the meantime, Gyeongin threatens Jaeuk with Seo Hyeri's death, but he tur...
Jisang finally succeeds in getting blood samples [Blood]
Jisang finally succeeds in getting blood samples from patients of Ward 21A, and more strange symptoms appear in the hospital, and then a suicide. Jisang pressures and corners Jaeuk, and sends him ...