Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2012.12.12
  • Number of Episodes : 124
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Tue 11:20 | Thu-Fri 11:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


A family drama involving a 32-year-old unmarried man who is raising four children! Kim TaePyeong is a domestic helper and a legal guardian for four children who are not related by blood. Mr. Kim and his children go through a range of difficulties on their way to becoming a family. Let's find out how they learn to accept each other as family members and become a true family!


Kim Taepyeong (Cast Kim Dongwan)

Kim Taepyeong is a clean-up expert and a domestic helper. Being raised by his grandparents, he is an outgoing but also a patient and perseverant man. This unmarried man is raising four children with different family names including his late brother's daughter, Huirae. One day, a woman from a wealthy family appears and he gets to learn what love is under the name of friendship.

Lee Ugyeong (Cast Wang Jihye)

The CEO of Healing Food Inc., Lee Sangguk's daughter. Also, Ugyeong is a passionate PE teacher at a middle school struggling with teenagers at puberty. She lost her mother when she was seven and her brother is paralyzed from the waist down after an accident. From then on, no one sees her tears at all. One day, Ugyeong meets a new housekeeper Taepyeong and discovers true love which started from friendship. She ends up disobeying his father for the first time in her life because of him.

Cheon Jiyeong (Cast Choi Jungyoon)

Lee Ugyeong's colleague teacher. Cheon Gyeongsul's daughter. She got married early in her age, but got divorced because she is unable to have children. She has feelings for Taepyeong who is younger than her. This warm-hearted woman supports Taepyeong fully. She introduces Taepyeong as a housekeeper to Ugyeong and one day, she realizes something is going on between the two.

Baek Geonuk (Cast Yang Jinwoo)

The CEO of Healing Food Inc., Baek Jaesang's only son. After being adopted, Geonuk's only interested in chasing women facing against his step mother Haesuk who gives him the cold shoulder suddenly. On the other hand, he studies business preparing for the future secretly. Because of Haesuk, he cannot have faith in women and Ugyeong is the only one he can trust. Then, Taepyeong shows up in front of them his plan to get married to Ugyeong starts to go wrong.

Behind the Scenes

Geonuk sees his mother begging on her knees [Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!]
Geonuk sees his mother begging on her knees for Mr. Lee to forgive Taepyeong and becomes furious at her for doing so. Songa decides to go live with her mother and asks to see Ugyeong for the la...
Hogyeong becomes cruel to Huirae and Taepyeong [Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!]
After learning that her father was the culprit behind Hogyeong’s accident, Huirae runs away. Hogyeong becomes cruel to Huirae and Taepyeong. Shocked, Huirae wanders around lost until Cheolry...
Hogyeong has an attack after overhearing Yeonji and Ugyeong’s conversation [Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!]
Taepyeong is devastated when he learns his brother crippled Hogyeong and decides to leave Ugyeong for Huirae and Hogyeong. Haesuk is pained at the sight of her son’s broken heart and begs Ug...



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