Love on a Rooftop

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20150420
  • Number of Episodes : 101
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 08:50 | Re-run: Mon-Fri 15:10 | Sun 11:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


"Family": it cannot be defined only by blood ties any longer and various types of family are increasing rapidly because of many different conflicts such as family dissolution or communication breakdown. There is Yoon's family, a huge family living in Bukchon Hanok village at the 250-year head house 'Dongrakdang.' Through the story around this family, we can reexamine the true meaning of family of today.


Yun Seunghye (cast: Im Semi)

Dongrakdang's eldest daughter. An actual breadwinner of the declining Dongrakdang family. She was adopted twice after a disrupted adoption and went through a painful childhood. Seunghye has grown up as a cheerful woman, but she is working her tail off to pay for her family as a nurse. Yet, her salary made her work as a part-timer. Her only joy is when she is having a coffee break. After being kicked out of the hospital unfairly, she gets to work as a barista at Dojin's cafe, who she finds very unpleasant. Going against her grandmother's will, who is a tea master, Seunghye keeps making modern style tea. Then, she falls in love with Dojin and wants to grow as a barista with him confronting her family's strong opposition.

Kang Dojin (cast Park Jinwoo)

Mija's only son. A patissier who used to be a doctor. Kang Dojin seems to be a perfect guy, but he has a scar deep inside his heart to be raised by a single mother. Feeling compassion for his mother, he entered medical school, but he decides to live his life while studying abroad and comes back to Seoul as a patissier. He opens a dessert cafe to enjoy a happy life with his mother. Then, he meets Seunghye again and hires her at his cafe even though their first encounter was not that pleasant. Will he come true his dream and love with Seunghye while many opponents are around him?

Jang Seryeong (cast Kim Sejung)

President Jang's only daughter. Being supported by daughter's daddy President Jang, she has grown up as a perfect woman and becomes a manager of Catering Business team at his father's company. With her good judgement and clear personality, she sometimes becomes self-centred and cold-hearted. Her self-esteem didn't allow her to confess her feelings for Dojin, but now she has to do something to keep Dojin away from that ridiculous woman Seunghye. Seryeong becomes obsessed with Dojin more and more...

Behind the Scenes

Daeho tells Dojin they should give Mija’s late mother a proper burial [Love on a Rooftop]
Daeho tells Dojin they should give Mija’s late mother a proper burial. Dojin steals his grandmother’s urn and gives her a proper burial with Daeho. The two bond during the process. ...
Seunghye and Dojin to go on a camping trip [Love on a Rooftop]
Gyeongtae tries to win back Daesil’s affections by proposing to her at Junbae’s fried chicken joint. With Seungjae’s help, Dojin and Seunghye finally meet at the cafe. The lights...
Dojin and Seunghye to hold hands together [Love on a Rooftop]
After finding out that Seunghye has been adopted, Seunga is colder to her than ever before. When Seungjae sees this and how hard Seunghye has it, he gives her a surprise gift. Meanwhile, Dojin ask...



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