THE Producers

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20150527
  • Number of Episodes : 12
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Wed, Thu 23:00 | Re-run: Thu,Fri 04:10, 10:10, Sun 21:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


At the centre of Yeouido, there is a building which never goes to sleep 24/7; It's Korean Broadcasting System(KBS). And inside the building, on the sixth floor, people are busy working between the partitions who produce renowned variety shows including "Two Days and One Night," "Music Bank," "Gag Concert," "The Return of Superman," "Vitamin," "Entertainment Weekly," "Korea Sings," and more. Here, which seems to be an ordinary office, the highly-educated are being treated as a fool when their programs record low ratings even after hectic work schedule of filming, editing, and all-night meetings. This drama features various anecdotes about producers and non-producers happening in Entertainment Department.


Ra JunMo (cast Cha TaeHyun)

"Two days and One night" Producer

Producer o f"Two days and One night with actresses," Season 4.
Ra JunMo has been working at Entertainment division for 8 years.

He went through a lot of programs, but there is no representative program to speak of. Really good at complaining, but he is a warm-hearted man with a sense of responsibility.

When he finds something unfair, he stomps out of the room, but returns in exactly 15 seconds.

Majored in Communications, but this indecisive guy finds communicating with other is one of the most difficult things in his life.

With Tak YeJin, his friend since childhood, he argues all the time.

Tak YeJin (cast Kong HyoJin)

"Music Bank" Producer.

When she first joined KBS, she was treated like a princess with her pretty look at Entertainment division since it's hard to find female producers. Now, she becomes a sensitive game-cock that nobody can confront.

Unlike her way of speaking being straightforward, she often shows clumsy behaviours. She enjoys showing off her power as a famous program producer inside the company.

These days, JunMo gets on her nerves. He never listens to what she says, but she is the one who takes care of JunMo sincerely.

Baek SeungChan (cast Kim SooHyun)

Newcomer producer at KBS Entertainment division.

Alice in wonderland, Yeouido.

He never knew he would be so vulnerable after all his hard days studying. Thus, he chooses to "STUDY" entertainment. He didn't enjoy variety shows when he was young, so now he studies the history of entertainment just like he did at school during the history classes. By himself.

He often speaks vaguely, but delivers his messages straightforward, so he is not a type of person who are welcomed by people around him. He also holds grudges and gets even no matter how small it is.

Meanwhile, he starts to have feelings for YeJin who has mistreated him since his first day at company.

Cindy (cast IU)

Singer with 10-year-long career.

Cindy started her career when she was 13 years old as a trainee at Byeon Entertainment. She realized how competitive and cruel this industry is when she was only 15 years old.

Cindy is always wary of stranger and never shows affection towards others. Wearing a poker face, this icy princess never loses her balance in any circumstances.

Cindy knows that her mother CEO Byeon is waiting for her to make a big mistake one day. Her goal is to become independent from her mother. Yet, she encounters a deadlock which she never expected.

Behind the Scenes

Cindy is in a big trouble because of CEO Byeon [THE Producers]
Junmo, Seungchan and 2 days and 1 night team visit Cindy’s house and wake her up for her shoot. Junmo goes against the manager’s wishes and decides to shoot with Cindy. Yet, Cindy is i...
Seungchan feels happy that he can be helpful for Yejin [THE Producers]
Seungchan comes running to Yejin on her way home from work, but he sees her with Junmo and loses his timing to tell her his feelings. Junmo tells Yejin not to move out and stay at his house but...
Cindy gives a different speech at Music Bank [THE Producers]
Cindy comes to Seungchan’s house to tell him something. Seungchan had plans to watch a movie with Yejin but he doesn’t know who to go to because Cindy is waiting in front of his house ...