Save the Family

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2015.5.25
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 20:20 | Re-run: Tue-Sat 05:20 | Mon-Fri 09:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


What is the present situation of family in this era? Family is our root and the most faithful and dependable value. Nevertheless, family is dissolving due to unemployment, poverty, divorce arising from economic crisis. Thus, family ends up driving us into the deepest despair. This drama features varied types of family to illuminate if we are doing our duty as parents or children.


Jeong Ujin (cast Jae Hee)

Surgeon in small hospital emergency room While working as an intern at a university hospital, he has been the envy of all his rivals by his precise diagnosis more than anyone. All the expectations of the family fall on his shoulder and he finally becomes a surgeon. Also, he falls in love with Ko YeWon. However, YeWon's family in upper class strongly oppose their relationship. The reason is simple. It's because Ujin's background. In the end, YeWon gets engaged to wealthy man and Ujin is heartbroken. Besides, his fellow surgeon builds a hospital building which made him lose his full-time job opportunity. He has no choice but to work in small hospital emergency room near his place. He hardens his heart to get revenge against YeWon who betrayed him. One day, he meets Lee Haesu who is raising other's children as a single woman and his life flows in a wrong direction.

Lee Haesu (cast Kang Byul)

Kitchen assistant at hospital cafeteria She becomes a cook missing her childhood cooking with her father. After her father left for second marriage, she has been living with seven children who have no place to go as a single woman. Although she is living in a cramped rooftop house, she finds her life worth living when feeding them with good food. So, her only talent is cooking and she has only one certificate in cooking. Fortunately, her cooking skills are good enough to work at hospital cafeteria. Living with picky teenagers, Haesu becomes wild like a married woman, but she dreams of one day having a romantic relationship. One day, Jeong Ujin shows up in front of her. Even though their first encounter started from misunderstanding, the more they encounter, the more Haesu's heart flatters.

Ko YeWon (cast Jung HyeIn)

Director of Food-Franchise restaurant. The owner's daughter who has all; money, capability and beauty. Unlike her graceful appearance, she is a cold-hearted woman. YeWon loves UJin, but because of her parents business, she gets engaged to another man. She believes she will reunited with UJin and Ujin will wait for her. She struggles to get back to him, but she only sinks into the pit of despair.

Behind the Scenes

Yewon’s mother leaves behind an envelope with money [Save the Family]
"I'm here to tell you I have no intentions of letting your son marry my daughter." Ujin’s house is turned upside down by Yewon’s mother’s unexpected visit. Yewon’s m...
Suja becomes more excited about Ujin’s marriage [Save the Family]
After seeing Yewon’s mother, Suja becomes more excited about Ujin’s marriage prospects while Ujin’s concerns grow deeper. Haesu’s kids appear in an ad for One’s Food,...
Haesu and Manjae are asked to quit their jobs [Save the Family]
Haesu and Manjae are asked to quit their respective jobs. Thus, as breadwinners, their struggle for survival continues. In the midst of all this, Haesu has another unfortunate encounter with Ujin....



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