The Man in the Mask

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20150603
  • Number of Episodes : 16
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Tue-Fri 00:30 |Re-run: Tue-Fri 06:55, Mon 12:00-16:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


In the world where the border of truth and lies has collapsed... Drama "The Man in the Mask" features a man Ha DaeCheol who comes and goes between 'legal or illegal' and 'justice or injustice.' He tries to find the answer what true justice is wearing a mask at night to punish those which the law could not.


Ha Daecheol (Cast: Joo Sangwook)

Prosecutor at Seoul Southern District Public Prosecutors' Office. At daytime, he is a materialistic prosecutor. Yet, at night, he becomes a righteous prosecutor wearing a mask. Judging by his sly and shameless personality, Ha Daecheol looks as if he is a typical career-oriented prosecutor. However, he deals with law-breakers who are not able to be punished by law in his own way, with his fist. Following his father's will, he became a prosecutor, but he cannot throw away his violent nature. Minhui misunderstands him as a snobbery, but she is the only one woman in Daecheol's life.

Yoo Minhui (Cast: Kim SunA)

Violent crime detective at Gangnam Police Station. An elite agent who graduated from Korean National Police University. She always to something righteous no matter what kind of external pressure she gets. This energetic woman from her outside, but she tends to avoid men because of a trauma. Then, she encounters two man. Ha Daecheol, who used to have feelings for her when they were in high school. And another guy with a mask on declares that he will protect her. At first, Minhui mistrusted them, but now she feels somewhat confused.

Kang Hyeonwoong (Cast: Um Kijoon)

Prosecutor at Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors' Office. Main member of Jeonggeumhui, influential prosector's gathering. The son of Kang Joonho, who betrayed Daecheol's father. He has grown up without any difficulty so he believes the law of the jungle; only the strong survive. Minhui is the one who makes him soft from time to time.

Behind the Scenes

Daecheol reveals his identity on camera [The Man in the Mask]
Daecheol reveals his identity as the man in the mask on camera, and Jo Sangtaek tries to stop Daecheol from releasing his audio file using that video. Hyeonung gives Jo Sangtaek something that ...
Minhui asks Daecheol to tell who is the mask man [The Man in the Mask]
Minhui finally arrests Hyeonung and asks Daecheol to admit that he is the man in the mask. But Daecheol tries to fool Minhui using Hosik. Jisuk kneels in front of Daecheol and begs him to help ...
Minhui finds out that secret transactions are going on [The Man in the Mask]
Jo Sangtaek asks Kang Jungho to send his money in cash to start up a new business. Minhui finds out that secret transactions are going on between YK and Jo Sangtaek, and starts investigating. H...



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