Orange Marmalade

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20150530
  • Number of Episodes : 12
  • Runtime : 60'
  • Showtime : Sat 23:40 | Re-run: Tue 17:30, Mon 10:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)


What if your neighbour is a Vampire? This drama features practical vampires who struggle for survival in human society. Vampire species sign a peace treaty with human beings not to drink human blood and to hide their true identities, so that two species can live in peace.


Jeong Jaemin (Cast Yeo Jingoo)

Huimang High School's prince charming. A handsome, smart, and athletic guy. Did someone say "Manner Maketh Man?" He is also a gentle guy. Thus, female students feel joy even by looking at him, and male students suffer from an inferiority complex unwillingly. But, that's it. No one knows about Jaemin. He keeps distance from everyone and never opens his heart to anyone. And he never tells why he quit playing the guitar which he loved to do. One day, his icy heart starts to melt down. Because of a new comer Baek Mari... Who are you, Baek Mari?

Baek Mari (Cast Seolhyun)

A transfer student at Huimang High School. She doesn't talk or smile much. Her eyes look indifferent and her face doesn't show any emotions. Mari acts as if she is invisible, but her action makes her even more visible. Her only goal is... to graduate from high school without being discovered her identity, a vampire. Because of this, she had to move from school to school so many times. She just wants to be settled. No matter how close they were, when Mari's friends discovered Mari is a vampire, they were afraid of her and kept distance from her. Then, a guy shows up. Jung Jaemin, whose blood is so sweet, so she finds it hard to control herself.

Han Sihoo (Cast Lee Jonghyun)

A wild vampire who looks down on human world. With his tall, well-balanced figure and strong eyes, he becomes an 'It' guy, as soon as he transfers to Huimang High School. He feels strongly against humans and Vampire Control System which try to control vampires for their own good. Even with his musical talent, he gives up his dream because he finds he can't come true his dreams in this unfair human-oriented society.

Behind the Scenes

Jaemin makes a wish again with Mari at the fountain [Orange Marmalade]
Leaving only a final episode behind, [Orange Marmalade team has revealed behind the scene cuts during the shoot! All the actors and actressess look so close together! Jaemin makes a wish a...
Sihu and Ara to have a date [Orange Marmalade]
Parents starts to protest against Huimang High School’s decision to take back Mari after her identity, a vampire has been revealed. Thus, Jaemin comes forward to calm them by saying that he&...
Jaemin suffers from dissociative amnesia after the accident [Orange Marmalade]
Jaemin of Huimang High School suffers from dissociative amnesia after the accident which he fell into the sea. He is rescued by Sihu who used his power for saving human and has to be punished by h...



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