All about My Mom

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20150822
  • Number of Episodes : 50
  • Runtime : 80'
  • Showtime : Sat-Sun 19:50 | Re-run: Sun-Mon 04:50 | Tue-Wed 01:30 | Sat 10:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Jinae never wanted to live like her mother Sanok, but she has no choice but to follow her mothers path. Then, Jinae gets to meet another mother Youngseon. She cannot help but struggle between two mothers. After all, she embraces both of them as her family in this adventure-family drama.


Lee Jinae (cast Eugene)

Sanok's daughter. Assistant manager at HS Fashion. "I am sick and tired of living with my mother arguing every day, so I dreamed of living a happier life with a cool and smart mother-in-law. Then, I realized I jumped out of the frying pan into the fire..." When she remains silent, Jinae looks like a graceful woman. However, when it is a matter of her honor and pride, she even goes through fire and water to fix it. She has a "love and hate" relationship with her mother and eventually decides to stand on her own, especially being independent from her mother. One day, Kang Hunjae shows up in front of Jinae, who is looking for a way out and she falls in love with him. Yet, after getting married to him, Jinae begins to understand Sanok struggling with her mother-in-law.

Kang Hunjae (cast Lee Sangwoo)

Youngseon's only son. Architect. "I fell in love with Jinae because I thought she was different from my mother. She was unique. But now, she looks just like my mother." This manly guy, Hunjae looks like he can overcome any difficulties keeping his cool. He is well aware of that his mother had a hard time raising him by herself, so he tries hard to make her happy as a fond son. However, when his two lovely women Jinae and Youngseon fight over neck and neck, he doesn’t know what to do between the two and ends up being the worst husband or son. Finally, he decides to be a peacemaker for his family and his own good.

Lim Sanok (cast: Go Dooshim)

Jinae's mother who runs a small grocery. "It was you who wanted to live with your elegant mother-in-law away from me, but now.. but look at you! You still have a long way to go to understand me.” This warm-hearted woman expresses her emotions in a tough way. She regards her eldest son, Hyeongkyu as the best and the next is the youngest, Hyeongseon. Then, what about her only daughter Jinae? Well... She gets on her nervous all the time. However, when Jinae decides to get married starting her new struggling life with her mother-in-law away from her, she feels somewhat unfair.

Hwang Youngseon (cast Kim Misook)

Hunjae's mother. The CEO of HS Fashion. "I liked Lee Jinae from the first sight. Her personality, appearance, competence... Everything was perfect before I realized she is dating my son." She is not only a successful CEO, but an author of books which encouraging young women. This ambitious, competitive, and charismatic heroine becomes as gentle as a lamb when she is with her only son, Kang Hunjae. He is the only reason of her life, so it is heartbreaking she has to share his adorable son with his future wife.

Behind the Scenes

Jinae to give up her honeymoon to look after Yeongseon [All about My Mom]
  Aengdu reveals her true nature to Chaeri and tells her she will steal Hyeongsun from her. Mr. Kim falls in love with Hyeju, comes to Hyeongkyu’s office and stares at her, and it makes ...
Yeongseon and Sanok decide to let Hunjae and Jinae get married [All about My Mom]
  Ginam finds out Hunjae is Cheorung’s son. Yeongseon and Sanok decide to let Hunjae and Jinae get married. Meanwhile, Jinae reads Sanok’s diary and finds out why Sanok only doted ...
Jinae tells Yeongseon she’s not going to America [All about My Mom]
Yeongseon thinks Hunjae got into an accident while rushing to go see Jinae. Hyeongsun runs into a mysterious woman while chasing after a pickpocket. Jinae tells Yeongseon she’s not going ...



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