The Virtual Bride

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20150824
  • Number of Episodes : 12
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Tue-Fri 00:50 | Re-run : Mon 12:10, Tue-Fri 07:40, 15:20  (Seoul, UTC+9)


Old Boy lived in captivity for 15 years and so did Rapunzel for 18 years in a castle. Yet, the most frightening castle is Mother's Castle. One day, some women are trying to invade this impregnable castle. They are daughter-in-laws! Will these brave daughter-in-laws survive in the mother’s castle defeating this formidable enemy, mother-in-law?


Oh Inyeong (cast Kim Dasom)

Girl group Ruby's member.

Inyeong is a has-been pop singer of four-member group, Ruby.
Her fancy makeup and unique fashion style give a strong impression,
but she is a sentimental, faithful and lonely girl.

She used to be a top singer, but now the group's fate seems to be at risk.

One day, Junsu, a CEO of her agency suggest her appear on "The Daughter-in-law Experience" variety show. She knows this is her last chance, so she decides to join the show as a fake daughter-in-law unwillingly. She never knows this show will change her destiny.

Yang Chunja (cast Ko Dushim)

The 25th daughter-in-law of Icheon Cha's head family.

A master of the head family who learned skills from her mother-in-law.
To maintain her dignity, she tries hard to be elegant, but her low level of education is a major obstacle.

Her short-temper makes her act before think and she also talks rough.

After her tough mother-in-law passed away, Chunja's food gains publicity and starts to make a decent living.

However, she still cannot take a rest because of her children.

Her smart eldest son, a university professor, doesn't seem to be interested in getting married, her daughter struggles with her mother-in-law and the youngest son is looked down on by his wife after his business failed.

Cha Myeongseok (cast Rhu Suyoung)

Yang Chunja's eldest son.

Myeongseok is an assistant professor of mathematics.
This inflexible man’s only concern is mathematics, so he is clumsy with any other works in his real life.

Well.. his good-looking made him popular among the female university students. Yet, no woman could stand his family and mathematics-only talk.

Having a single-track mind, he looks so conservative and inflexible,
he has a pure charm and warm-hearted.

Behind the Scenes

Inyeong buries herself in her work to forget about Myeongseok [The Virtual Bride]
Inyeong and Myeongseok decide to end their relationship because of Chunja's sincere request. However, Inyeong can't get over him, and buries herself in her work to forget about him. Myeong...
Chunja to find out Myeongseok and Inyeong are dating [The Virtual Bride]
Once Chunja finds out that Myeongseok and Inyeong are dating, she blows up and demands them to break up, but Myeongseok and Inyeong refuse. Meanwhile, Mihui threatens Yeonga to give up the ...
Inyeong and Myeongseok start to date secretly [The Virtual Bride]
Dongseok mistakenly thinks Semi is cheating on him with Yongjun, and throws a fist at him and demands a divorce from Semi. Meanwhile, Inyeong and Myeongseok start to date not telling anyone...