Ohlala Couple

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld :
  • Number of Episodes : 18
  • Runtime : '
  • Showtime :


The story of Sunam who dreams to be a hotel manager, and Yeo-ok who changes Sunams life overnight.

Behind the Scenes

Sunam wants to save Yeo-ok by giving her his liver [Ohlala Couple]
  Sunam wants to save Yeo-ok by giving her his liver. Yeo-ok, on other hand, refuses to accept Sunam’s offer as she doesn’t want to keep being reminded of him for the rest of her l...
Yeo-ok learns that she has liver cancer [Ohlala Couple]
When all his attempts at getting the Daeyeong account back fails, Sunam takes a dramatic measure. He kidnaps Ms. Han and lures the chairman to the hotel. Yeo-ok doesn’t feel well and goes to...
Sunam arrives in Sowoldo after Yeo-ok’s already left [Ohlala Couple]
Gangja thinks Yeo-ok was responsible for the miscarriage and divorce and insists on that Yeo-ok to Seoul. Yeo-ok is thus forced to tell Gangju about Sunam’s affair and how they’ve come...



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