Sweet Home, Sweet Honey

  • Genre : Drama Series
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  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 20:20 | Re-run: Tue-Sat 05:20 | Mon-Fri 09:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Oh Bom and Kang Maru lost their parents in accidents on the same day. However, a greater suffering is yet to come for both of them. Oh Boms past was just the beginning of the tragedy. Taking on her fathers debt, more than 40 thousand dollars, she finds his secret diary about her birth. The diary says she was a missing child and his parents tried to find her real family. She lost her parents twice overnight. Then, her new life full of ups and downs begins with a huge debt.


Oh Bom (Cast Song JiEun)

A 22-year-old heroine. The youngest daughter who Gukhui and Jeonggi lost 20 years ago. She has to earn money to pay for her tuition, but she is still bright and positive. She is naive about the world. One day, her father passed away by an accident leaving her nothing but a 50 million won debt.

Kang Maru (cast Lee JaeJoon)

A 25-year-old hero. Jeonggi's stepson. This good-looking student who studied abroad returns as a penniless man. Being influenced by his stepfather, he grew up to be a romantic guy. One day, her mother passed away suddenly and he ended up living off Gukhui's house following his father.

Choi Aran (cast Seo Eian)

A 26-year-old general manager at Poongildang. The eldest daughter of Gukhui and the heiress of Poongildang company. She has an air of elegance and grace. Also, she is generous and confident, but she has a painful past that her parents abandoned her after her younger sister went missing.

Ahn Taeho (cast Kim MinSoo)

Manager of Poongildang. He puts love before success. His father, a secretary of Poongildang CEO, and his mother Seonyoung want him to marry Aran for a better life. Yet, Taeho cares Aran more than anyone and doesn’t want to use her for his success.

Behind the Scenes

Bom’s father goes to see Gilsu again [Sweet Home, Sweet Honey]
  Bom’s father goes to see Gilsu again when he realizes Gilsu was lying when he claimed that Paran was his daughter. Both Gukhui and Aran are angry at Jeonggi for asking for a divorce af...
Bom and Maru's first encounter [Sweet Home, Sweet Honey]
Bom oversleeps and is running late to her job interview at Punggildang. She meets Maru on her way to the interview. Set to be engaged to Taeho, Aran does not make it to her own engagement party...



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