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Oh My Venus

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20151123
  • Number of Episodes : 16
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Tue-Fri 01:10 | Re-run : Mon 10:00, Tue-Fri 09:05, 15:25  (Seoul, UTC+9)


This romantic comedy drama features a love story between Kim YoungHo, a incredibly perfect personal trainer who is having a hard time to overcome his childhood injury and Kang JuEun, who used to be an icon of first love. However, she is nothing but a overweight lawyer now, struggling to support her family.


Kim YoungHo / John Kim (cast So Jisub)

A faceless personal trainer in Hollywood. He feels sympathy to weak and even more to dangerous people.

Youngho cares less about others and talks straightly only within 10 words. Thus, he looks as cold as ice, but he has a deep affection for his own people.

While being the CEO of 'Gahong' and a secret personal trainer in Hollywood, a romance rumor with a Hollywood top celebrity fuels and he chooses to stay low for a while in South Korea.

However, as soon as Youngho comes to Seoul, he is chained to his destiny regarding Gahong and a plus-sized one, Jueon.

Kang JuEun (cast Shin Mina)

Jueun was once known as the Venus of Daegu because of her looks.

She chose more difficult path to study rather than an easier path she could do with her beauty. She finally entered into Seoul National University Law School, passed the national bar exam and became a successful attorney.

Having lived a life in the fast lane for 15 years, Jueun has lost her beauty gaining too much weight. As much as Jueun gets weight, her 15-year-long relationship with Woosik has been ruined and he left her.

Now, she decides to go on a life-or-death diet to return to who she was, Venus. Then, a mysterious man appears in front of her, John Kim.

Lim WooSik (cast Jung GyuWoon)

Lim WooSik used to be a famous sports star who won the gold medal as the youngest member of national swimming team in his high school days. After retirement, he is in charge of VIP centre at Gahong.

Having been dating Jueun for 15 years, Woosik's feelings for Jueun has changed as time goes by. His first and only love Kang Jueun becomes a totally different person gaining too much weight.

Thus, Woosik sticks to only his work feeling lonely day by day. Then, he meets a woman, Oh! Sujin.

Oh SuJin (cast Yoo InYoung)

Coming from a wealthy family, entering Seoul National University Law School with the highest score, passing the bar exam at the youngest age... However, Sujin has been called as only one thing, Super Pig.

Her 10's and 20's memories are full of being bullied by other classmates. If someone were to invent a time machine, she would definitely go back then to take revenge.

Why? It's because she has become a perfect Venus of 21st century.

She liked Lim Woosik, who was with Kang Jueun, the Venus at that time.
But, now Jueun looks like who Sujin used to be!

Now, she thinks she deserves to hurt others' feelings.

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