Descendants of the Sun

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20160302
  • Number of Episodes : 16
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Tue-Fri 01:10 | Re-run : Mon 10:00, Tue-Fri 09:05, 15:25  (Seoul, UTC+9)


"Healing Romance set in beautiful Southern Country's nature. Believing in love, not in miracle, they try to make a miracle from their love. Here goes the story of the heroes in our mind." Every dream is bought for a fortune and some say that happiness is followed by success. Those who compromised only to succeed are extolled and those who fought against for justice are ridiculed for being reckless. The world is in which nobody is ashamed of saying "Greed is good." That's why we need a hero.


Yoo Sijin (cast: Song Joongki)

Yu Sijin chooses to become a soldier like his father. He respects his father that he wants to continue his career as a soldier. As he thinks it is justice to protect the young and old, he has his own values of what is right and wrong.
Then one day, he meets an attractive doctor, Kang Moyeon.

Kang Moyeon (cast: Song Hyekyo)

Kang Moyeon is a pulmonologist. She wants everything to be perfect and her characteristic leads her to become a doctor at an early age. However, life is not as easy as she thinks. She has to work at a field hospital. This is how she meets Sijin. Later, for Sijin and for herself, she holds a mes again.

Suh Daeyeong (cast: Jin Goo)

Protecting his family and country always makes Daeyeong stay passionate. He is proud of himself as a soldier and goes through many disaster areas of the world. Then, he meets Myeongju and falls in love with her. However, not long after, he finds out that her father wants Sijin as her partner. He decides to let go of Myeongju but it is not easy.

Yoon Myeongju (cast: Kim Jiwon)

Yoon Myeongju is born as a soldier's daughter and lives as a soldier. When she starts for her new post, she meets Daeyeong. For the first time in her life, she wants to be treated as a woman. However, their different backgrounds are an obstacle to their romance life. It is too late for her to regret of becoming a soldier. She still cannot give up on Daeyeong.

Behind the Scenes

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